Professional grounds care for condominiums

Q Gardens specializes in maintaining the Landscaping for Retirement Living Condominiums and Long-Term Care facilities in the Toronto area.


We are committed to providing the best quality property maintenance for the economic value. By continually refreshing our knowledge and skills through trade shows, conference workshops, journals, and contemporary publications, our knowledgeable staff will add a professional finish to your property, using the best of modern and traditional lawn and gardening techniques.


Q Gardens tailors property maintenance procedures to fill each clients needs. Whether we are keeping a yard neat and tidy or maintaining a formal design, we begin with standard property maintenance procedures, and customize it to the customer's specifications.


Q Gardens maintenance services usually include:

Turf management

Cutting the lawn All turf management is performed with well maintained equipment. Our blades are sharpened regularly, and we adjust mowing height to accommodate seasonal variances. Turf services include regular grass cutting and trimming, aerating, seasonal fertilizer applications, seeding and topdressing, pest and weed control.

Garden care

Perrennial borderQ Gardens provides a full array of garden bed care, from installation, to pruning and maintaining annuals, perennials, bulb installations, topsoil enrichment, pruning, and dead stalk removal.

Shrub & hedge maintenance

HedgesWe provide complete care for all your shrubs and hedges, whether your needs are planting and removal, fertilizing and pest control, regular trimming or pruning, or to encourage blooming.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Leaf clean up With comprehensive clean outs in Spring and Fall, your property will retain a well cared for demeanor. Our services include raking leaves and composting/bagging as required, pruning down perennials and shrubs as required (Fall), dead annual removal (Fall), winterkill removal (Spring), and repairing of snow damage to shrubs (Spring).