Creative landscape solutions

Q Gardens is committed to providing the best quality landscape construction for the economic value. By continually refreshing our knowledge and skills through trade shows, conference workshops, journals, and contemporary publications, our knowledgeable staff creates first-rate outdoor living spaces, finished to the customer's specifications. Q Gardens uses the best of both modern and traditional construction techniques to ensure high quality products, which can be enjoyed for years to come.


Highly skilled in all manner of landscape construction, Q Gardens is known for superior workmanship, personalized service and attention to detail. Customers appreciate our efficient installations, which prevent disruptions and inconveniences to daily lives. Contact with various manufacturers and suppliers ensures customers can compare pro's and con's of various products within their specified style.


All landscaping and construction services come with a two year unconditional warranty. Q Gardens rarely has warranty related requests. In those few instances that do occur, we ensure customer satisfaction, and gladly perform all warranty work required.


Landscaping & Construction services include:

Natural stone pavers and walls

Stone Walkway Natural stone provides a classic look, whether it is used for walkways, patios, retaining walls, or specific architectural features. Although natural stone is more labour intensive than interlocking pavers, the results are always visually stunning. Common types include: Flagstone, Ledgerock, and Boulders.

Precast concrete pavers and walls

Paver Walkway Precast Concrete 'Stone' creates a look to suit any style and budget. Its best features include flexibility in style, a wide variety of colour blends, and ease of installation and maintenance. Interlock stone can be used for: Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Retaining Walls, and Steps.

Topsoil and special blended soil mixes

Planters Topsoil and blended soils are required for creating garden beds, top dressing turf, re-sodding, or enhancing existing garden soil.

Grading and sodding

Grading & Sodding Grading can enhance the use of your property, and improve drainage flow. Grass provides children safe areas to play on, as well as encourages strolling in the garden.

Shrubs, trees, and perennial gardens

Plants & Borders The bones of a property are the trees and shrubs. They provide shade and privacy, and integrate buildings into the landscape. Perennial gardens provide seasonal colour and interest.

Fences, gates, trellises, and decks

Fences & Decks Fences and Trellises can add a unified look to a property. Enhancing sight lines, or simply as a barrier between properties, fences and trellises enhance garden perception, by providing form and function.

Ponds and water features

Ponds Enhance your outdoor living space with a water feature. Water features include fish ponds, fountains, and reflecting pools. Its affect on the senses generates a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Depending on structure and intent, it can attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Landscape lighting

Lighting Lighting extends your day-time garden space into a night-time oasis, necessary for quiet summer evenings and garden parties alike. Whether you prefer dramatic spots or subtle highlights illuminating key landscape features, Q Gardens lighting plans will enhance the evening/night enjoyment of your garden.